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The bathroom is often a very personal style stay, combining the taste and originality of the customer In AGAPE combine these two elements and use premium materials and selected to avoid impurities and cracks, we also focus on the finishes for the successful outcome to which we are committed.


For bathrooms offer include:

  • Vanity tops (flat surface countertops with integrated sink of the same material).

  • Wall cladding and / or soil with minimum number of joints. The result is smooth wall and floor and completely waterproof. Whole pieces of ceiling to floor and up to 150cm wide.

  • Shower trays with a variety of designs and desired size.

  • Shelves, decorative furniture.

  • Standard measures tile walls and floor.

We elaborate anywhere material we work.

The Installation

To achieve the desired look in the bathroom, plus installation, stone requires special treatment for sealing joints, fittings, polished and other details.
This is the reason AGAPE offers a professional service experienced in placing toilets, showers, tiling and other stone products. Professionals who diligently seek the best aspect of the finishes and security (eg tightness of the shower) and ensure the cleanliness and care of Furnishing or any other element of the bathroom or access to it.


AGAPE STONE PRODUCTS delivers a written warranty of 2 years with countertop sink, shower or other product and facilitates the activation of additional warranties for 10 years that some brands offer.

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